My data in the Schengen Information System

04.03.2019. 15:46

The Schengen Information System (SIS) is an international information system of search for persons or objects, which enables national law enforcement authorities of the Schengen Area to enter and consult alerts on the following: persons wanted for arrest; missing persons; third-country nationals who are not entitled to enter into or stay in the Schengen Area; persons sought to assist with judicial procedures whose place of residence or domicile must be found out; persons and objects for discreet or specific check for the purposes of prosecuting criminal offences; stolen, misappropriated or lost vehicles or other objects.

The Schengen Information System is currently used by the competent national authorities in 28 European Union Member States and the European Economic Area (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein). The number of alerts in SIS exceeds 40 million. SIS data is also used in the processing of Schengen visa applications.

Any individual has the right to receive information regarding his or her personal data in SIS if the law in the field of national security, defence and criminal justice does not prohibit such disclosure, as well as if no restrictions on the disclosure of the data have been imposed by another Member State. Any individual has also the right to demand completion, rectification, stopping the processing, or deletion of his or her personal data in SIS in the cases where such data is inaccurate, outdated or incomplete, or illegally obtained, or is no longer needed for the purpose it has been collected.

To this end, individuals must submit a written application (signed in person or by a secure electronic signature) to the State Police (SIRENE Latvia National Unit) or a police station closest to their place of residence, or the diplomatic/consular missions of the Republic of Latvia.

For further information on the submission of applications, visit the website of the Data State Inspectorate at