The State Protocol

06.07.2021. 11:45

The State Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducts activities concerning diplomatic protocol during state ceremonies and events with participation of the President, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, foreign Heads of States and Governments as well as diplomatic representatives accredited to Latvia.

The State Protocol is in charge of organising high-level visits, state ceremonies and may also be involved in organising high-level international conferences, summits and forums held in Latvia. It handles matters concerning foreign diplomatic and consular missions and international organisations in Latvia, monitors the application of the 1961 Vienna Convention on the Diplomatic Relations (hereinafter – Vienna Convention 1961) and the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Affairs (hereinafter – Vienna Convention 1963), and takes care of matters related to diplomatic immunity and privileges.


The Diplomatic List(6 July, 2021)



  • Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.908, 18.12.2012, Appendix 1, Appendix 3, Appendix 4
    "Procedures for the Application of Zero Rate of Value Added Tax to the Supply of Goods and Services Provided to Diplomatic and Consular Missions, International Organisations, European Union Institutions and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), and Procedures for the Reimbursement of Excise Duty for Excisable Goods Purchased in the Republic of Latvia'' (Original text in Latvian).
  • Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.47, 27.01.2015
    "Procedure for granting permission to subjects of international public law to use the airspace of the Republic of Latvia for the flights of foreign aircraft intended for performing public functions in the meaning of Article 3 of the 7 December 1944 Convention on International Civil Aviation" (Original text in Latvian).
  • Cabinet Regulation No. 126. “Procedures for issuing a special permit to a ship of scientific research of a foreign state for the performance of scientific research works in the territorial sea, continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Latvia” (Original text in Latvian, annex 1, annex 2).
    Part II Paragraph 5: "The Notification of Cruise shall be submitted no later than 90 days in advance of starting scientific research works in the territorial sea, continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone of Latvia"
  • Cabinet Regulation No108 of 23 February 2016, “Procedures for the entry and departure of foreign military ships into the territorial sea, inland waters and ports of the Republic of Latvia” (Original text in Latvian)
    Part IV Entry by NATO naval ships - translation in English