The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the resolution on NATO expansion adopted by the German Bundestag

24.03.2004. 14:57

On 26 April 2002 the German Bundestag adopted a resolution on NATO expansion, which praises the role of NATO expansion in stabilising the common Euro-Atlantic space. German legislators believe that all European Union applicant countries must be given the opportunity to join NATO, and they express the opinion that Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania have conclusively proved their preparedness.

Almost all Bundestag factions expressed their support for the next NATO expansion round and advised to invite the 7 mentioned countries to join NATO in the Prague Summit. During the discussions German Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Joschka Fischer emphasized the connectedness of German, European and transatlantic interests with NATO expansion. Concerning separate applicant countries, the Baltic States were particularly emphasized during the discussionswith regard to the positive evaluation of fulfilment of the accession criteria, as well as Germany-s historical responsibility towards the Baltic States within the context of the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the resolution adopted by the Bundestag. It marks the development of an active and supportive position of Germany towards NATO expansion, and urges the Federal Government to engage in the development of a joint NATO position. The fact that the Bundestag discussions proved the unity of ruling and opposition factions regarding this issue is also to be welcomed. The resolution adopted by the Bundestag demonstrates the support of the European allies to wide NATO enlargement at the Prague Summit.

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