Latvia has been actively taking up opportunities offered by the OECD

22.10.2019. 13:38

On 22 October 2019, the Cabinet approved the regular report on Latvia’s membership in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The report has been prepared in association with the competent authorities and provides an overview on the implementation of OECD recommendations and good practice in various fields, as well as formulating further priorities for cooperation with the OECD.

The report draws the conclusion that recommendations offered by the OECD are of value in the drafting of policy planning documents, and a high degree of confidence has been retained with respect to OECD expertise and best practice. During the reporting period, Latvia has actively used the opportunities offered by the OECD: the country has received assessments and recommendations on matters of importance to Latvia, such as active labour market policy measures, digital transformation, an effective functioning of the system for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, and skills strategy.

The regular OECD Economic Survey of Latvia published in 2019 and Environmental Performance Review will contribute considerably to the improvement of Latvia’s policy. 

In continuation of Latvia’s cooperation with the OECD, Latvian experts in various fields are increasingly involved in OECD activities through contributions to the development of OECD best practice and recommendations as well as to organizing and running the work that takes place at OECD committees. The participation of Latvian experts is also growing in peer reviews and OECD capacity building projects in third countries.


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