Chronology of events

02.12.2014. 19:09

Chronology of events


8 November

The UN Security Council adopts Resolution 1441, which gives Iraq a final opportunity to disarm and points out the "serious consequences" that could befall Iraq if it does not comply with the resolution.

13 and 23 November

Iraq's Foreign Minister sends letters (13.11.2002 and 23.11.2002) to the UN, in which Iraq expresses its willingness to accept inspections and comply unconditionally with UN Security Council Resolution 1441.

7 December

In accordance with Article 3 of Resolution 1441, Iraq presents a weapons declaration to the UN Security Council, identical in content to previously submitted declarations.


30 January

The heads of eight European countries sign a joint letter, in which they call on Europe to stand united in support of the US, in order to achieve their common goal - the disarmament of Iraq.

27 January

The General Affairs Council of the European Union adopts a common position, in which Iraq is called upon to comply in full with the conditions set out in UN Resolution 1441.

Chief UN weapons inspector Dr Hans Blix and head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Dr Mohamed El Baradei present their first report, in which they point out that Iraq is not cooperating sufficiently with inspectors and emphasize that many questions relating to Iraq's biological and chemical weapons remain unanswered.

5 February

US Secretary of State Colin Powell addresses the UN Security Council and presents facts concerning the weapons of mass destruction Iraq has at its disposal.

The Vilnius 10 group of countries issue a joint declaration, in which they call on the UN to react to Iraq's violations and take all necessary steps to eliminate the threat posed by Iraq.

14 February

The UN inspectors present their second report to the UN Security Council, in which they point out that although cooperation with Iraq has improved, this has been primarily on matters of form rather than substance.

In debates following the report, the US, Great Britain and Spain point out that Iraq has up until now been in violation of Resolution 1441, but France, Russia, China and Germany consider that the inspectors need more time in which to complete the mission they have been charged with.

16 February

NATO adopts a decision to commence planning for the military defence of Turkey in the event of conflict.

17 February

The EU Extraordinary Summit on Iraq adopts a joint declaration, calling once more on Iraq to disarm and comply with UN Security Council resolutions.

18 February

The EU candidate countries, in a common statement, adhere to the declaration by EU member states made the previous day.

24 February

  1. The US and Great Britain submit a Draft Resolution to the UN Security Council, in which it is stated that Iraq has failed to comply with Resolution 1441.
  2. France submits a proposal to the Security Council, which seeks to reinforce inspections and lengthen the timeline for weapons inspections in Iraq.