Priorities of Latvia during the Luxembourg Presidency

24.07.2015. 15:06

Latvia supports the priorities of the Luxembourg Presidency and is gratified to see that Luxembourg, as part of the Italian, Latvian and Luxembourgish trio presidency is ensuring continuity in the work on proposals, which aim towards economic growth and more jobs.

  • Latvia is interested in the continuation by Luxembourg of the work initiated by Latvia on the establishment of an Energy Union, Single Market and Digital Single market, on improving the European Neighbourhood policy, as well as on migration and security issues.
  • Latvian Presidency worked intensively in order to establish the European Strategic Investment Fund in record time. We expect that the Luxembourg Presidency will oversee the implementation of the regulation.
  • Latvia supports the commitment of the Luxembourg Presidency to work on the strengthening of the Single Market, including, in the area of transport, especially in the expected Internal Market Strategy on goods and services, as well as on legislative initiatives in the context of the Digital Single Market. Latvia has always supported efforts aimed to strengthening and developing the EU Single Market, including the Digital Single Market. Latvia hopes that the Luxembourg Presidency will be able to conclude work on the Data protection package.
  • Latvia supports the commitment of the Luxembourg Presidency to give special attention to employment, thus continuing the debate initiated in the Latvian Presidency on inclusive labour markets. Latvia also supports the Luxembourg Presidency efforts to enhance the employment of women and possibilities for combining work and family.
  • The establishment of the Energy Union was one of the priorities of the Latvian Presidency. Latvian Presidency not only initiated the Riga Process for the establishment of the Energy Union in February in Riga, but also paid special attention to three horizontal issues: regional cooperation, consumer affordable energy price and access to financing for energy projects. It is in the interests of Latvia to continue work on the establishment of the Energy Union, especially with regards to issues related to governance and regional cooperation.
  • Latvian Presidency worked actively in the coordination and representation of the EU in international Climate talks preparing for the UN Climate Change conference in Paris this December. Latvia wishes Luxembourg to successfully coordinate the continued preparation process of the EU and ensure that the Climate change conference in Paris manages to agree on a new global, legally binding agreement on the limiting climate change after 2020.
  • Latvia expects that Luxembourg Presidency will continue and possibly conclude inter-institutional negotiations on the Inter-institutional Agreement on better law making.
  • Latvia supports the Luxembourg Presidency programme on better governance of migration.
  • Latvia supports the vision of the Luxembourg Presidency in the continued fight against terrorism, including the further implementation of measures agreed by Heads of State and Government on the 12th of February, 2015, especially with regard to achieving an agreement on the Passenger Name Record directive. Latvia is gratified that Luxembourg has committed to ensure the implementation of the renewed EU Internal Security Strategy 2015-2020.
  • In the area of Security and defence Latvia supports the goal put forward by the Luxembourg Presidency in close cooperation with the High Representative to work on a new EU global strategy in the area of foreign policy and security policy, which would take into account current challenges, including hybrid threats.
  • Latvia supports the strengthening of the multilateral trade system, and believes that it is important to agree on the WTO Doha development round by the end of the year. Latvia supports the continuation of work on bilateral free trade agreements. Especially important is an agreement on the EU – USA Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, which would reflect the interests of Latvia. It is also important for Latvia that free trade agreement negotiations are concluded with Japan and Vietnam, as well as that there is positive continuation on the talks on an investment treaty with China. Latvia believes that it is important during the Luxembourg Presidency to sign the free trade agreement with Canada (CETA) and to continue the development of economic relations with Eastern Partnership countries.
  • Latvia supports the priorities of the Luxembourg Presidency in the area of EU enlargement. We expect that Luxembourg will continue accession negotiations with Montenegro and Turkey, as well as open first chapters with Serbia, as soon as all criteria have been met. At the same time Latvia believes that it is important to continue an active dialogue and the European integration process also with other Western Balkan countries.
  • Latvia, underscoring the importance of the European Neighbourhood policy (ENP) in EU foreign policy, will cooperate with the High Representative and ensure uninterrupted and balanced approach to both dimensions of the ENP.