27.07.2018. 14:22

Citizenship is an enduring legal link between an individual and a state. Therefore an integral part of restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia was the restoration of the status and rights of those persons who were recognized as Latvia’s citizens under the 1919 Law on Citizenship, as well as their descendants. A special temporary status was established for former USSR citizens - "former citizens of the USSR without the citizenship of the Republic of Latvia or any other country" (so called non-citizens). Latvia is dealing successfully with the legacy of the Soviet era within a democratic framework, and with due respect for the rule of law, human rights and international practice. The Government has been implementing a consistent policy and unified approach in the area of society integration and promoting naturalization. All preconditions for a successful naturalization process have been created. Furthermore, the naturalisation process in Latvia is amongst the most liberal in Europe. 

Citizenship Policy in Latvia


2013 Amendments to the Citizenship Law: Further Facilitation of Citizenship