Information on current epidemiological safety measures

13.07.2021. 15:57

The government has decided to keep in place and consolidate various epidemiological safety measures.

Information for travellers to Latvia on the provisions for preventing the spread of COVID-19

Document confirming the fact that a person has carried out a full vaccination cycle

Face-to-face meetings

  • Beginning 2 June, up to ten people from two households may meet indoors, and 20 people are allowed to meet together outdoors.
  • Sports training may take place outdoors for groups of up to 20 people so long as they do not use locker rooms.

  • People from different households may gather at funerals and baptisms so long as they observe restrictions on the total number of people present – and that means no more than ten people indoors and no more than 20 people outdoors.
  • Up to ten people from two households may gather for commemorative events in cemeteries at their family graves.
  • The open-air areas of museums and nature trails are open for visitors, and they must observe the epidemiological safety requirements.
  • Individual visits are permitted to libraries, museums and cultural sites and facilities so long as security regulations are observed, and this includes registering for the visit in advance and filling in a questionnaire during the actual visit. 
  • At places of religious worship, no more than 20% of the maximum allowed number of people may gather at one time.
  • In person, it is possible to receive hairdressing services, manicures, pedicures and services offered by podologists.
  • It is permitted to receive services on an individual basis in the context of outdoor attractions such as water parks, entertainment centres and trampoline parks.
  • Rehearsals of amateur art groups are allowed indoors in groups of up to 20 people while observing a distance of 2 meters between persons; where that is not possible, face masks must be used. 
  • Shopping must be done individually, with the exception of children up to 12 years in age and individuals with special needs who require assistance. People violating epidemiological safety requirements shall be denied service. Information on the number of customers permitted at any one time shall be posted so that it is clearly visible at the entrance of the store.

Special exemptions now apply to vaccinated persons and those who have recovered from COVID-19

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved easing the health and safety rules for persons who have recovered from COVID-19 or have been vaccinated.

From 18 May, up to 20 Individuals who have either received the full course of COVID-19 vaccine or who have recovered from the coronavirus, may now assemble indoors or outdoors without a face covering and without applying the two-metre social distancing rule – this rule pertains to members of the staff at places of work, to art students and amateur artists who have gathered for artistic purposes, and to athletes engaged in sports activities.

Beginning on June 1, a national-level digital certificate (QR code) must be presented each time it is necessary to confirm and verify vaccination for COVID-19, recovery from it, or test results. The certificate can be downloaded from the website. Municipal customer service centres offer printed versions of the certificate. The site “” provides secure access to the digital certificate which confirms a person’s vaccination status.

From 1 June, providers of individual services who have been fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 can be working face-to-face. All types of beauty care, sports equipment rentals and photography services, as well as those related to entertainment and wellness can be provided in person. This means that only the service provider and one customer are allowed in one room; and when using a sauna or photography services, one provider of those services and the members of one household can be present at the same time; in such cases, the customers need not be vaccinated.

As from 15 June, Latvia’s digital certificate (QR code) becomes part of the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

  • Persons who have either been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19, upon presenting a relevant digital certificate, are allowed to gather, visit events and receive services without using face masks and without observing social distancing.
  • Epidemiological safety measures must be observed while receiving services and being present at events attended by people who have been either vaccinated, recovered from COVID-19 or received a negative test result.
  • Persons who have not been vaccinated and have not taken a test must observe all epidemiological safety measures.

As of 15 June, persons with a digital COVID-19 certificate are allowed to attend training sessions indoors, both individually or in groups.  

At training sessions indoors, one person is ensured not less than 25 square metres (sqm) of the floorspace available for visitors at the particular sports facility. At swimming pools, one person is ensured 15 sqm of the pool’s water surface. At sports training sessions, not more than 20% of the maximum possible number of people permitted by the infrastructure of the room are allowed to be present.

At group training sessions, not more than 12 persons are allowed to gather in one group, including coaches. A maximum of 25% of the number of people for which the locker room is envisaged may be present there at one time. The sports facility must ensure registration of visitors and the employees engaged.

As from 15 June, people who have recovered from COVID-19 or received a negative test result and can present a valid certificate are allowed to attend events while observing the requirements concerning the use of face masks, social distancing and personalised seating.

- Not more than 300 people are allowed to gather at indoor events and those events must not exceed 4 hours in length. Time is not limited on outdoor events but not more than 500 people are allowed to gather for them.

- As of 15 June, children under 12 years of age who are not vaccinated or who have recovered are allowed to attend events together with parents, and these children need not be tested for COVID-19.

Requirements to ensure safety at stores and market places

As of 2 June, street sales are allowed and the work of large shopping centres resumes. However, a number of safety rules must be observed:

  • face coverings must be worn in all shops, as well as in markets and street stalls,
  • a two-meter rule on social distancing and enhanced hygiene requirements must be observed, and information on those health safety rules must be provided,
  • a face shield may be worn only together with a face mask,
  • no less than 25 sq. metres of publicly accessible room space must be provided for each customer,
  • visitors are admitted only individually (one member of a household), with the exception of children up to 12 years of age, who can be accompanied by one adult.
    Organizing street stands and fairs is permitted on the following terms and conditions:
  • customers and vendors must wear masks fully covering their mouth and nose;
  • no more than 20 sales stands are permitted at one location;
  • the area in which a fair is held must be zoned-off;
  • street sales shall not be accompanied with entertainment events, and this includes festivals with particular themes and amusement park rides.

Public catering

From 7 May, public catering services are allowed outdoors while observing strict epidemiological safety requirements.

Not more than four adults, apart from minors (under the age of 18), from not more than two households can be present at an outdoor table, and there must not be more than ten persons sitting together (i.e. adults + children).

Both staff and patrons shall wear masks covering mouth and nose during their visit except while seated at a table.

To prevent large numbers of people gathering at public catering places late into the evening, the working hours of public catering facilities outdoors are limited to the hours from 6.00 to 21.00. After 21.00, public catering places are only permitted to offer takeaway meals.

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