An opportunity to apply for Latvian passports and ID cards offered in Adelaide and Melbourne

24.11.2021. 10:58

The Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Australia announces field missions by a portable passport station to take place in December 2021 in the following locations:

Adelaide, 10-11 December
Adelaide Latvian Society House
36 Rose Terrace, Wayville 5034, SA

Melbourne, 12-13 December 
Melbourne Latvian House
3 Dickens Str, Elwood 3184, VIC

Applications for a passport and/or a personal identity card (eID card) will only be accepted from persons who have been assigned a personal identity number and, in the case of a name/surname change, information on whom has been updated in the Register of Natural Persons. 

From 1 January 2023 onwards, and eID card will be a compulsory personal identification document for any Latvian citizen and non-citizen 15 years of age and older. Accordingly, at this point already, a passport will be issued to any Latvian national who has reached 15 years of age if they have a valid eID card, or a passport will be issued together with the eID card.

An eID card, in which an authentication certificate is included and activated, makes it possible to verify one’s identity remotely, in a digital environment, and to create an e-address. An eID card provides the opportunity to apply for and receive services on the portal, for instance, request a copy of a birth or marriage certificate, or a statement, and take part in notarization transactions remotely. 

An eID card, in which an authentication certificate is included and activated, makes it possible to sign electronic documents. A document signed with an electronic signature has the same legal status as a document signed manually. An eID card will also make it easier to apply for postal voting at the Saeima elections.

See information on applying for a passport and/or an identity card (eID) and on service charges here, on the Embassy website.

Only application for passports and eID cards will be accepted during the field mission. For other services, please contact the Embassy of Latvia in Canberra.