Strategy for the Integration

12.02.2015. 11:18


On February 9, 2000 during the extraordinary session the Parliament of Latvia - Saeima - considered the Strategy of the Republic of Latvia for the Integration into the European Union.

The Strategy is a guideline document for the integration of Latvia in the EU. Its task is to facilitate the unified understanding and work of public institutions and society as regards the EU issues, to ensure the continuity of the integration process and speedy accession of the country to the EU.

This document is elaborated on the basis of Latvia's national interests to ensure the irreversibility of the state independence and democracy, economic and social growth, culture identity.

The document of the strategy defines the preconditions for successful accession of the country to the EU and emphasises such strategically important directions of integration as integration of the society, economic integration, sectoral, environmental and regional development, welfare, justice an home affairs, culture and education etc..

The Strategy will be considered as implemented upon the accession of Latvia to the EU.