About Latvian Presidency

02.12.2014. 19:09

Latvia becoming a presidency country of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) in July 2007, has defined the competitiveness and sustainable development as the main goals of the cooperation in the Baltic Sea region during its presidency year.

In this context the main three priorities are: education, energy and civic security.

Competitive and market orientated education is an instrument to foster sustainable development, growth, ensure region's competitiveness on a global scale and to promote region's recognition and positive image abroad. It's urgently needed to promote stronger linkage between higher education, science, innovation, technologies, ensuring dynamic and progressive social-economic environment in the region. During the presidency the prime attention will be paid to the education as the main driving force and resource of sustainable development. It will include higher education, science infrastructure, quality issues, mobility among students and professors.

Energy today has become as one of the most topical issues, especially in the context of development and growth. Therefore Latvian presidency's agenda will include also issues of energy infrastructure and renewable energy resource management.

Civic security is important in the context of fighting different illegal actions by stronger cooperation among operative and preventive state bodies. Special attention will be devoted to the human trafficking and organized crime issues.

Among the biggest events during Latvian presidency are:

  • High level meeting of the ministers of education and science
  • Eurofaculty project closing conference in Kaliningrad
  • Closing conference of the BEN (Baltic Euroregion Network) project
  • Conference on Energy infrastructure
  • Conference on renewable energy resources
  • Annual consultations of CBSS political directors
  • Baltic Sea region NGO forum
  • Project "Balticness"
  • Summit of the CBSS Heads of Government (June 3 -4, 2008)