Civil Security

02.12.2014. 19:09
  • Promotion of democratic values and human rights, stability, social security and sustainability


  • To develop closer cooperation between governmental and public institutions and non-governmental organisations in the fight against trafficking and on helping children at risk;
  • To enhance the work of all bodies and projects under the auspices of the CBSS for protecting communities from the degradation of environment caused by human activity;
  • To draw attention of the CBSS to the need for close cooperation between international, EU and regional bodies in diminishing environmental damage caused by shipping;
  • To promote new initiatives of regional cooperation channelled towards the fight against corruption in the Baltic Sea Region.


  • Eventually created Ad-hoc Working Group of Experts in Maritime security and cleanliness
  • Task Force Against Trafficking in Human Beings (TF-THB)
  • Task Force on Organised Crime (TF-OC)
  • Working Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk (WGCC)
  • Working Group on Democratic Institutions (WGDI)
  • The annual meeting of the network of prosecutors-general in the BSR
  • Annual meeting of the Directors General for Civil Security
  • Working Group on Nuclear and Radiation Safety (WGNRS)
  • Baltic 21