02.12.2014. 19:09
  • Enhancement of competitiveness of the regional educational institutions on European and global level


  • To promote the EU Bologna Process in the region by expanding the Reykjavik Protocol on mutual recognition of educational achievements for the whole region, and widening the use of the NordPlus program for student exchanges (in conjunction with the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM));
  • To establish special IT links between all the universities around the Baltic Sea, extending the existing networks (NorduNet, for instance) to the Eastern shores of the Baltic Sea;
  • To promote innovative ideas on educational, scientific, research levels, including the creation of innovation clusters and parks;
  • To promote education for sustainable development, education for sustainable consumption;
  • To complete the EuroFaculty programme in Kaliningrad and to launch a new EuroFaculty programme in Pskov;
  • To promote effective planning and realisation of the adult education policies in the region, including further development of professionally oriented informal education;
  • To ensure active CBSS support to the regional initiatives on educational issues.
  • To organize a CBSS high level meeting on education and science