Other Priority Fields

02.12.2014. 19:09
  • Identifying regulatory obstacles to trade and investments in the region;
  • Raising consciousness of Balticness and regional identity around the Baltic Sea through a year long series of public events (photo exhibition, roundtable discussion in the Universities and jazz concerts) taking place in all 11 BSR metropoles;
  • Strengthening NGO cooperation in the BSR, especially in the fields of civil security, social inclusion, environment, education and development of civil society;
  • Promoting favourable preconditions for voluntary work and entrepreneurship of youth in the region;
  • Strengthening cooperation with the Observer States and neighbouring countries, including Belarus (on a technical expert level);
  • Enhancing more efficient cooperation and coordination of work with CBSS special participants and strategic partners and other regional organizations;
  • Promoting sustainable tourism development network in the BSR;
  • Recognising and making more accessible of material and nonmaterial cultural heritage;
  • Strengthening cooperation of the regions, municipalities and local authorities promoting exchange of experience and implementation of common projects.