EU institutions and international organisations

08.01.2015. 10:33

A press release from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the latest report on the human rights situation in Ukraine (ENG) [20-11-2014]

Fact Sheet on EU-Ukraine Relations (ENG) [16-07-2014]

NATO Fact Sheet on Russia (ENG) [july]

European Council Conclusions on Ukraine (ENG) [27-06-2014]

UN Human Rights Council adopts Resolution on Cooperation and assistance to Ukraine in the field of human rights (ENG) [25-06-2014]

Joint statement by President Van Rompuy and President Barroso on the Presidential elections in Ukraine (European Commission) (ENG) [26-05-2014]

EU strengthens sanctions against actions undermining Ukraine's territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence (ENG) [28-04-2014]

UN Human Rights Commissioner’s Report on Ukraine: Misinformation, propaganda and incitement to hatred need to be urgently countered (ENG) [15-04-2014]

Council of the European Union – Council Conclusions on Ukraine (ENG) [14-04-2014]

NATO Fact Sheet on Russia (ENG) [11-04-2014]

Statement by NATO Foreign Ministers  (ENG) [01-04-2014]

UN General Assembly adopts Resolution on non-recognition of any alterations of the status of Crimea (ENG) [27-03-2014]

Fact Sheet on EU-Ukraine Relations (ENG) [18-03-2014]

Council of the European Union – Council Conclusions on Ukraine (ENG) [17-03-2014]

EU Council restrictive measures against Ukrainian and Russian officials responsible for the crisis (ENG) [17-03-2014]

Eiropean Council – Statement of the Heads of State or Government on Ukraine (ENG) [06-03-2014]

European Commission Support Package for Ukraine (ENG) [05-03-2014]

Council of the European Union – Council Conclusions on Ukraine (ENG) [20-02-2014]