Procedure for permanent accreditation of foreign media representatives to Latvia

11.06.2020. 23:47

The accreditation of foreign mass media in Latvia is regulated by the Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers on the Accreditation Procedure for foreign media journalists and other representatives by the accrediting institution.

In accordance with the above Regulation, permanent representatives of foreign media in Latvia are accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Under the Regulation, a journalist is regarded permanent representative of foreign media in Latvia where he or she resides and works in Latvia, or arrives in Latvia on regular basis (several times a month) with the aim of creating news items or articles about the current processes in Latvia.

An accredited journalist is issued with an Accreditation Card which is the key source of authorisation for foreign media representatives and members of their families to obtain multiple service visas for their period of stay in Latvia.

Media representatives are requested to file the documents required for accreditation with the Foreign Ministry in due time, since the processing of the documents takes one month.

The following documents shall be required for permanent accreditation:

  1. a completed and signed media representative accreditation application form;
  2. two photographs (size 35 x 25 mm);
  3. a letter from the head of the media outlet, indicating:
    3.1. a short description of the media outlet;
    3.2. request to accredit the specific representative;
    3.3. request to issue a service visa to the representative, if necessary;
  4. a copy of the representative's press card;
  5. a copy of the representative's passport;
  6. Curriculum vitae;
  7. description of the representative's creative work or copies of articles of the past year;
  8. programme for the anticipated duration of stay, or a short description of the purpose of visit.


A media representative may present the above-mentioned documents in the following manner:

  1. by delivering in person to the Communications Group at 3 Krisjana Valdemara Street, Riga (previous appointment arranged by calling +371 7016272);
  2. by mailing to the Communications Group (3 Krisjana Valdemara Street, LV 1395 Riga, Latvia);
  3. by presenting to the embassy, a representation or a consulate of the Republic of Latvia abroad.