A survey to be carried out on Latvian scientists worldwide

17.10.2017. 19:30

With support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, the University of Latvia’s Centre for the Diaspora and Migration Studies has launched an ambitious survey to identify and interview Latvia’s scientists living abroad and scientists of Latvian descent.

This study aims at seeking views of the Latvian diaspora scholars and scientists across the globe about their interest in engaging more actively and contributing to Latvia’s science. The current state of affairs with professional networking in Latvia will also be assessed to identify the ways of cooperation which, in the opinion of academics themselves, are the most effective for promoting knowledge transfer and return migration of scientists.

Scientists of Latvian descent are currently working in various countries and highly prestigious research institutions in the United States, France, Sweden, Germany and elsewhere. Meanwhile, the number of scientists in Latvia is also dwindling due to emigration. Studies undertaken by the University of Latvia researchers to date have clearly demonstrated that the diaspora has a great knowledge potential, especially in terms of innovation, knowledge-intensive products and expanding Latvia’s industrial space.  

The issue of networking has also come to the fore ahead of the Fourth World Congress of Latvian Scientists due to be held in June 2018.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has included cooperation with the Latvian diaspora among its main lines of action, and this means promoting political and civic participation of the diaspora members, sustaining their bonds with Latvia and their Latvian identity, and strengthening cooperation with the Latvian community abroad.

Due to high interest, the deadline for completing the questionnaire has been extended to 30 October.

For an update on the Centre for the Diaspora and Migration Studies at the University of Latvia and its activities, visit http://www.diaspora.lu.lv



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