Vilnius group

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Since its creation in May 2000 the Vilnius group (NATO candidate countries - Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia*, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia) has successfully cooperated by organizing high level meetings on a regular basis. It has strengthened practical cooperation and exchange of information of the Vilnius group countries in the NATO capitals. The Vilnius group has provided practical and political support to NATO in strengthening European security and stability.

* Croatia joined the Vilnius group in May 2001.

Vilnius statement

Latvian initiatives & activities in the framework of Vilnius group

The Summit of the NATO Aspirant countries "Riga 2002: The Bridge to Prague" took place in Riga, Latvia, on July 5-6, 2002, where the leaders of NATO member and aspirant countries gathered for the last time before the NATO 2002 Prague Summit in November. The participants of the Riga Summit jointly expressed solidarity in NATO enlargement issue, reviewed the individual work of each country, discussed the building of community based on shared values and the aspirants- contribution to Euro-Atlantic security (

1. Latvia has submitted the projects of the Agreements on the Protection of Classified Information to the all candidate states.

2. Regular meetings with the Ambassadors of Vilnius group in the NATO capitals are being carried, with participation of NATO enlargement decision makers from the host countries (Representatives from MFA, MOD, journalists, analysts).

3. Vilnius group cooperates closely in Brussels, NATO HQ and Washington in the framework of EAPC meetings.

Main events during 2000 - 2003


21 May

The Speakers of the Parliaments of the Vilnius group meet in

Trakai, Lithuania

5 February

Statement of the V-10 counties on the disarmament of



21 November

The Summit of NATO Heads of State and Goverment - a decision on enlargement has been made

5- 6 July Prime Ministers of Vilnius group meet in Riga

25-26 March Prime Ministers of Vilnius group meet in Bucharest

8 March Foreign ministers of Vilnius group meet in Skopje

7 December Statement condemning terrorism approved by Vilnius group

4 December Foreign ministers of Vilnius group meet in Bucharest

5 October Heads of States of the Vilnius group meet in a conference "The Contribution of New Democracies to Euro-Atlantic Security" in Sofia

4 October Foreign Minister of Vilnius group meet in Bleda, Slovenia

1-2 July The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Vilnius group meet in Tallinn

4-6 June The Chiefs of Defence of Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Deputy Chiefs of General Staff of Slovenia and Romania and representative of Croatia, meet in Riga

10-12 May

Prime ministers of Vilnius group meet in a conference "Europe's New Democracies: Leadership and Responsibility" in Bratislava

15 December The Foreign Ministers of Vilnius group meet with U.S. Secretary of State and Foreign Ministers of the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary

12-13 October Defence ministers of Vilnius group countries meet in Sofia

13 June Specialists from the Foreign and Defence Ministries of NATO candidate countries meet in Sofia

May 18-19

Minister of Foreign Affairs Indulis Berzins takes part in the international security conference in Vilnius