Recommendations of the State Police of Latvia for foreign tourists

13.12.2018. 11:30

Please note

Emergency assistance contacts:

  • In an emergency call 112. You will be connected to the relevant emergency service: fire-department, police, or ambulance.

In order to protect yourself:

  • Be careful with casual acquaintances met in the street.
  • Avoid suspicious deals or transactions.
  • In recreation and entertainment venues, always check the price list before ordering. Be very clear about what you are ordering and make sure you know the exact price before placing the order.
  • In entertainment venues it is advisable to pay in cash with Latvian currency, and to make your payment after each order rather than paying for everything at the end of the night.
  • When making a payment by credit card, check the total amount. It is in your interests to request a receipt (kvīti ) or document which confirms your payment.
  • Use a marked taxi with a recognizable colour and identification signs.
  • Watch your personal belongings and beware of pickpockets.
  • The Tourist 24-hour hot-line number is – 22033000.

The following activities are not permitted in Latvia and may result in an arrest and/or fine:

  • Smoking in public places is forbidden.
  • It is not permitted to be in the possession of an open bottle of alcoholic beverage in public places (including on the street, and in parks) in Riga. Violation of this restriction may result in a fine.
  • In the event of your being present in a public place in a highly intoxicated state, an administrative penalty may be incurred (a fine or arrest).
  • Petty hooliganism (including harassment, disturbing the peace, swearing in public places) can carry an administrative penalty (a fine or arrest).
  • Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.
  • Non-compliance with a police officer's legitimate request may incur an administrative penalty (a fine or arrest).
  • Resisting arrest or assaulting a representative of public authority constitutes a criminal offence.
  • It is forbidden to use narcotic substances. The acquisition and possession of narcotic substances constitutes a criminal offence.
  • Whilst in the territory of the Republic of Latvia foreign citizens may be held liable for any violation of the law just like Latvian citizens and residents.
  • Ignorance of the law does not release an individual from personal responsibility.