Business with Latvia

07.03.2016. 16:04

Welcome to Latvia,

country with conformable business climate all around the year!

  • If you are interested in reaching and discovering big markets on North and East-
  • If you don't want to loose time in bureaucracy and prefer to concentrate on development-
  • If you are looking for new opportunities-

Then you should find out, how to start your business in Latvia!

First 5 reasons to try!

  • only several minutes to get your own Latvian mobile phone number
  • only few minutes to open your business account in Latvian banks
  • only several hours to cross all Latvia and to get access to big markets no East and Nord
  • only two days to establish your own company in Latvia
  • direct flights from capital Riga to Russia and CIS countries and other 51 destinations worldwide

N.B. Every company registered in Latvia is the full-fledged European enterprise operating under the European Law.

Looking forward to seeing you in Latvia!

See more about business starting in LATVIA:


Ministry of Economics

Ministry information, EU information, publications, National Lisbon Programme, Industry, Foreign Trade, Entrepreneurship, Energy Construction, Housing, Tourism, Protection of consumer rights etc.

Ministry of Finance

Ministry information, budget, taxes, internal audit, state aid, accountancy, Europe, international cooperation, documents for discussion, news etc.

Ministry of Transport

Leading institution of state administration of transport and communication branches which elaborates legal acts and policy planning documents regulating the branch. It provides the implementation of the transport policy.

Latvian Investment and Development agency

Information about business and economic issues in Latvia.

Latvia in facts, trade with Latvia, invest in Latvia, Success stories, offices abroad

The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia publishes a newsletter called Latvia Invest. This newsletter contains the most current information regarding business and investment activities related to Latvia.
The following is a link to the: "Latvia Invest" Newsletter

Bank of Latvia

The Bank of Latvia is the central bank of the Republic of Latvia. It is one of the key public institutions and carries out economic functions as prescribed by law.

About the Bank of Latvia, Latvian Money, Statistics, News and Press Releases, Monetary Policy, Financial Information, Publications, Payment and Settlement Systems etc.

Central Statistical Bureau

Data bases, Main indicators, Catalogue of statistical publications 2008, Chargeable services,  Information centre etc.

State Revenue Service of Latvia

Natural Resources Tax, Lottery and Gambling Tax, Mandatory State Social Insurance Contributions, Value Added Tax, Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Real Estate Tax etc.


Structural Funds and Cohesion Funds

Structural Funds, Cohesion Funds, 2007-2013, Documents, EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms etc.

The State Regional Development Agency

ERDF 2007-2013, ESF 2007-2013, State and the EU SF support, EARMARKED subsidies to local municipalities, Income tax relief, Norwegians financial instrument, Research, International cooperation, INTERREG first level financial control, INTERREG Riga Office , VASAB secretariat etc.

Latvian Tourism Portal
About Latvia, How to get there, Where to spend the night, Where to go, What to do, Events etc.What to do

Where to go

Where to spend the nigHow to get there


Riga Stock Exchange (Rigas fonda birza)

Wall Street Journal called Riga Stock Exchange homepage the best website of its kind in Central Eastern Europe. Continuously updated stock market data.



LURSOFT maintains commercial databases containing information on all companies registered in Latvia, their managers, shareholders and fixed capital, as well as credit information on all companies, which have registered movable pledges in Latvia, detailed information about court disputes between Latvian companies (since 1993).


Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

LCCI site has an extensive list of members (more than 700) and database of Latvian companies looking for partners. It informs about upcoming business promotion events and trade fairs in Latvia, and features Importers Guide Online. LCCIA does "matchmaking" between latvian and foreign companies.

Wood Industry

The wood and wood products (include. pulp & paper and furniture) sector is one of the most important industrial sectors in Latvia. An excellent overview about the forest industry and business opportunities.

Latvian Timber Exporters' Association

Basic information about timber in Latvia. Database of timber exporters (browsable by name or product).

Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia

Latvian Federation of Food Enterprises


Association of textile and clothing industry


State Air Company

Latvian Railway  

Interactive local train traffic timetable, Interactive international train traffic timetable, Information Technology Centre, Trade Union, Museum, Latvian Railwayman Society, Passenger train etc.