Information about Latvia

10.10.2023. 09:25

Explore Latvia

Get inspired for adventures in Latvia! Discover cities, delicious food and beautiful nature, things to see and do in Latvia! 


Discover Riga - capital of Latvia

There are plenty of tourist spots, cafes, museums, and architecture to be found in the capital Riga. Enjoy art and culture, take a stroll trough Old town and taste some local foods.


National Guide to Higher Education in Latvia

Latvia is a friendly and welcoming country. Even though the typical Latvian is not an open book and more often smiles internally, we are good at building lifetime friendships.


Invest in Latvia

Here you can discover the main competitive advantages of doing business in Latvia. Some of the main are cost-effectiveness, highly skilled workforce, well-developed infrastructure, macroeconomic stability. But there are many more. Find out below.