The 102nd anniversary of the international recognition of the Republic of Latvia is celebrated in Latvia, Ireland and all around the world

26.01.2023. 17:02

102 years ago, Latvian diplomats had successfully reached a major milestone: at the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers with participation of the Prime Ministers of Belgium, France, Great Britain, and Italy, and the representative of Japan – it was decided to grant de jure recognition to Latvia.

The 26 January has become the day of Latvian diplomats, when the Foreign Minister reports to the Saeima on the work done in the previous year during the annual Foreign Policy Debate, as well as informs about the priorities of the Latvian Foreign Service for the current year. At the same time, several important events are taking place around this date, including the annual meeting of the heads of Latvia’s diplomatic missions abroad and the presentation of Certificates of Recognition to the Foreign Ministry diplomats by the Cabinet of Ministers and by the for their contribution to the work of the Foreign Service and shaping of the national foreign policy. The Certificates of Recognition from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were presented to members of the Foreign Service and representatives of partner organisations for their significant personal contribution made for the benefit of the Foreign Service and the Latvian state. Each year, on the eve of the de jure recognition of Latvia, the Foreign Ministry staff commemorate their colleagues who defended the interests of our country before and during the Soviet occupation.

This year Foreign Service has the following priorities: strengthen national defence by ensuring the continued presence of our allies; provide Ukraine with all possible support; further international isolation of Russia and Belarus; strengthen cooperation with the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and in particular with our regional partners - Poland, the Baltic States and the Nordic countries; stand up for a strong European Union; promote the economic transformation of our country by providing support to Latvian entrepreneurs in acquiring new export markets. Attention will also be paid to the politics of the Latvian diaspora and especially the promotion of youth self-organisation.

Within the framework of Latvia's foreign policy priorities, the Latvian Embassy in Ireland will focus its work on explaining security issues, defending Latvia's economic interests and will continue to provide support to the Latvian diaspora in Ireland, cooperating with diaspora organisations as well as providing continuous consular support.


Background information

The international de jure recognition of the Republic of Latvia meant that our state became a subject of international law, and it could establish diplomatic relations with other states, appoint envoys, accede to international conventions, enter into multilateral agreements, take part in and organise international conferences.

Link to the Speech by Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs at the annual Foreign Policy Debate in the Latvian Parliament (Saeima), 26 January 2023: