Baltic Film Festival in Ireland

08.04.2024. 13:38

The Embassy of Latvia in Ireland invites to visit the first Baltic Film Festival in Ireland what will take place from 19 to 20 April in Cork, Triskel Arts Center.

Over the last decades the film industry in the Baltic Region continues to grow into a dynamic, creative and artistic platform reflecting its complex history and rich culture in the cinema.

The first Baltic Film Festival in Ireland, with three specially selected films from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, will offer a unique opportunity to learn more about the lives, history and culture of the three Baltic States which this year mark 20th anniversary of accession to the European Union.

The festival is organized by the Embassies of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in Ireland and the Triskel Arts Center, with financial support by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.

More information about the festival is available here: Baltic Film Festival – Triskel Arts Centre



19 April at 19:00 movie “Living Images”

Director: Hardi Volmer, starring: Sandra Uusberg, Priit Võigemast and Anu Lamp, 135 mins | Estonia 2013, with subtitles.

About: Helmi is born into the house of Baron von Strandmann in Old-Town Tallinn, in 1908. The only thing that she knows for sure about her past is that her mother was an Estonian servant girl. Everything else is a discovery during a life that runs the course of a century – a life that has quite a lot of surprises in store for Helmi.


20 April at 17:00 movie “Kisses, Juozas”

Director: Agnė Zalanskaitė, starring: Dainius Kazlauskas, Darius Petkevičius and Gabija Siurbytė, 60 mins, Lithuania 2023, with subtitles.

About: KISSES, JUOZAS tells a story about the heroic life and love of a high-ranking Lithuanian officer who, during WWII, joined the partisan movement, choosing to fight for his country’s freedom over the comfortable life he could have lived abroad.


20 April at 19:00 movie “Soviet Milk”

Director: Ināra Kolmane, starring: Maija Doveika, Elīna Vaska and Rūta Kronberga, 112 mins, Latvia / Belgium 2023, with subtitles

About: A female-led drama about women versus destructive power. An ambitious doctor Astra loses everything in the conflict with the totalitarian regime – career, will to live, even mother’s instinct denying breast milk to her baby. However, the teenage daughter Nora becomes her key supporter while learning to live in the repressive Soviet regime herself. Together with intersex person Jesse, they help Astra fight her overwhelming depression. Based on a true story and the global bestseller Soviet Milk by Nora Ikstena.