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17.11.2021. 14:20

Information for travellers to Latvia on the provisions for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

All persons travelling to Latvia must fill out an electronic form on the website not earlier than 48 hours before entering Latvia and provide the requested information concerning vaccination, testing, or recovery from COVID-19.

Entry to Latvia will be possible only upon presenting a negative result of a molecular PCR test done not earlier than 72 hours before boarding a carrier’s vehicle or before crossing the Latvian border individually or an antigen test taken not earlier than 24 hours before boarding the carrier’s vehicle or entering Latvia. When entering Latvia by a private car, a mark of a negative test result must be filled in the questionnaire.

Persons entering Latvia through border crossing points “Grebņeva” or “Terehova” at the external land border, who cannot present an interoperational EU certificate on vaccination, testing or recovery must immediately take a repeated COVID-19 test at their own expense at the above-mentioned border crossing point. Information about the categories of persons who are exempt from the requirement is available here.

Only the following persons may enter Latvia from a high or very high-risk country, which is not an EU Member State, an EEA country, Switzerland or the United Kingdom:

  • nationals of Latvia, their family members, holders of residence permits in Latvia, foreigners who are travelling across Latvia in transit to return to the country of their permanent residence;
  • nationals of an EU Member State, an EEA country, Switzerland and their family members and the persons who are permanently residing in these countries; 
  • the nationals of the United Kingdom and their family members crossing Latvia in transit to return to their country of residence, including Latvia;
  • employees and crew members of freight and passenger transport service providers,
  • seafarers and merchant mariners on their way to or returning from a ship,
  • foreign nationals the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia or Office of Citizenship and Migration affairs of Republic of Latvia has confirmed are connected with the fulfilment of agreements and commitments made by Latvian businesses,
  • foreign diplomats and their family members crossing Latvia in transit for the performance of their official functions, the holders of diplomatic passports of Latvia and the officials and staff of the consular service and their family members who are returning from a country where they have been posted or who are on the way to their country of posting;
  • nationals of Latvia who are members of the official delegations of Latvia or who must arrive at their place of employment in the framework of an intergovernmental project;
  • full time students and exchange students so long as an institution of higher education has provided written proof of the student’s enrolment and their arrival to Latvia is required to take part in a study programme;
  • athletes, sports workers, and representatives of international sports organisations whose arrival in Latvia as accredited persons is related to participation in an international sports event organized by a sports federation or its member according to procedures laid down in the Sports Law;
  • foreign nationals whose arrival in Latvia for receipt of medical treatment (diagnostics and therapy) has been approved by the Health Inspectorate, and the person accompanying them, if recognized to be necessary by a medical institution, or if the traveller is accompanying a child;
  • cultural professionals whose arrival in Latvia is related to the provision of cultural services and organizing public events and whose groups have been confirmed to be contributing in this manner by the Minister for Culture;
  • foreign nationals and their family members, if the visitor has been employed by a scientific institution as senior researcher or researcher for the term exceeding six months;
  • aircraft passengers who cross the territory of Latvia in transit without leaving the airport precinct and staying therein for not more than 24 hours, if they can present a confirmation that they are in transit and waiting for their next flight.

The Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in the Russian Federation provides consular services by prior appointment only (via the electronic appointment system). You can sign up for an appointment here.

Aforementioned categories of persons can submit their visa applications directly at the “Pony Express Visa application centre”. Documents can be submitted by prior appointment only (ph. 8-800-250-49-36).

Entry to Latvia from high-risk country is allowed for persons, who have interoperable digital EU certificate of vaccination or recovering against Covid-19 (on a smart device or on a paper). The fact of vaccination or recovery is evidenced only by an interoperable certificate issued in the EU, the EEA countries, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Armenia, Ukraine, Turkey, Northern Macedonia, Israel, Andorra, Monaco, Albania, Faroe Islands, Morocco, Panama, Georgia, Moldova, New Zealand and Serbia or a Certificate of vaccination or recovery issued in the USA, Australia and Canada.

Visa applicants have to appear in person when lodging an application for a short-stay Schengen visa in order to provide their biometric data (fingerprints). Fingerprint scans are not required for children under the age of 12. Applicants are required to provide new fingerprints once every five years. 



Address: 3 Chapligina Str., 115127 Moscow, Russian Federation (map)

Telephone:  +7 495 232 97 43 10:00-12:00 (Moscow Time)

Fax: +7 495 232 97 40

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Reception for Latvian nationals (passports, ID cards, certificates and other consular services) by prior appointment 


Submission of residence permit applications by prior appointment


The Consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia to the Russian Federation accepts payments for consular services only by means of non-cash payment. Visitors can pay with payment cards: VISA; VISA Electron; VPAY; MasterCard and Maestro. Payments with devices (phone, wristband, etc.) are not accepted. 


Consular Section's Chancery in Kaliningrad of the Embassy of Latvia to Russia


F.Engelsa street 52a, 236010, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation


+7 401 2 56 55 01 


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