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Ambassador Artis BĒRTULIS (born 1966) has a degree in physics and postgraduate education in international affairs from the Latvian University and Royal College of Defence Studies in London.

In 1990 he was involved in creation of the first independent media in Latvia - newspaper, TV station and news agency.

His diplomatic career started in 1991 by joining the Foreign Affairs Committee of the newly independent Latvia´s Parliament. In 1992 he worked as the research assistant in the North Atlantic Assembly in Brussels before joining Latvian Foreign service in 1993.

He was Foreign Affairs Adviser to the Prime minister of Latvia (1994) and Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs until 1998.

He was Head of State Protocol 1998-2001 and 2005-2007, Ambassador to Sweden (2001-2005), Portugal (2007-2011) and non-resident Ambassador to Brazil (2008-2011).

As Director General EU Affairs (2011-2013) at the MFA he was working with the Prime Minister on the introduction of euro currency in Latvia.

He was Ambassador to Italy (2013-2018) and non-resident Ambassador to Albania, Malta and San Marino; and Permanent Representative in FAO.

Ambassador BERTULIS is married to Esmeralda and they have two adult children.

Ambassador speaks English, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, and some French.