CRPD COSP17 side-event “Protecting refugees and migrants with disabilities”

New York, 10 June 2024

Wars and armed conflicts, political upheavals, violence, economic insecurity, and climate change are driving record numbers of people from their homes.

Refugees and migrants with disabilities leave their homes in strongly disadvantaged situations. Apart from the challenges to flee and to survive the journey, they encounter barriers while being hosted in reception centres, communities and camps. They may face lack of access to protection and assistance, medical care and assistive technology. Women, children, unaccompanied minors and older persons with disabilities face an even higher risk of being excluded from receiving appropriate support.

Hear the lived experiences of refugees and migrants with disabilities. Discover insights and strategies of host governments, local communities, civil society actors, and the United Nations to meet the essential needs of refugees and migrants with disabilities and to engage them as key actors in the response.

You can watch the video from the event: Click Here