Photogallery 2013

02.12.2014. 19:09

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The Ambassador's working visit to Zagreb

Zāgreb, Croatia, 20.2.-22.2.2013.
Photographer: Dubravk The Miloslavić

Opening of the exhibition „Art Nouveau Architecture of Riga” in the City Administration building at Zagreb

Ambassador K.Ozoliņš at the meeting with the Chairman of the Committee for European Integration of Croation Sabor D. Mondekar

Ambassador met the Mayor of Zagreb M. Bandić          

  Events connected to Latvia at the international project against totalitarianism Mene Tekel

Prague, 25.02.2013

Photographer: Jiří Nedvěd

Ambassador Kaspars Ozoliņš in conversation with Mene Tekel Project director Jan Řeřicha and Totalitarian Regimes Research Center director Daniel Herman at the opening of exhibition „Birch Bark Letters from Siberia“

Exhibition „Birch Bark Letters from Siberia“

Ambassador provides an interview for  television NTD (New Tang Dynasty) at the opening of exhibition „Birch Bark Letters from Siberia“


Discussion after the screening of documentary movie by Dzintra Geka „Balance Sheet of Siberia” at the Latvian Day at Mene Tekel festival. From the left: interpreter, Director Dzintra Geka, Ambassador Kaspars Ozoliņš.

Opening of the exhibition „Art Nouveau Architecture of Riga“

    East-Bohemian Museum in Hradec Kralove, 18.04.2013

Photographer: Miroslav Beneš

From the left: member of the Council of Hradec Kralove region Jana Třešňáková, Ambassador Kaspars Ozoliņš and director of East-Bohemian Museum in Hradec Kralove Naďa Machková-Prajzlová.


Opening of the exhibition „Art Nouveau Architecture of Riga“

Nordic–Baltic Celebration of the 1st May

Petřín, Prague, 01.05.2013

Photo: Embassy of Lithuania in the Czech Republic

 Ambassador at the opening of the exhibition „Birch bark letters from Siberia“

  Trebon, Spa Aurora, 14. 06. 2013

Summer solstice celebration

            Prague, Embassy of Latvia, 21. 06. 2013

Young artists from Riga and Baldone, participants of Lidice International Children Art Exhibition, visited Embassy of Latvia

Prague, 12.07.2013

Prague, 12.07.2013

Latvian disident Aldis Cilinskis in Prague

 Václav Havel library, Prague, 21.08.2013

Photographer: Štěpán Černoušek

The accreditation ceremony of a new ambassador A. Sarkanis at Prague Castle               

Prague, 03.09.2013

                Photographs: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic


Ambassador Alberts Sarkanis opened Days of Courland in Náchod               

Náchod, 07.09.2013

            Photographer: Marek Pitaš


Embassy in the Czech Republic took part in organizing of the European Day of languages

Lucerna passage, Prague, 26.09.2013

 Ambassador at the official visit to Brno               

Brno, 09.10.2013 


Presentation of the Czech-Latvian-Lithuanian conversation book               

Faculty of Arts of the Charles University, Prague, 26.11.2013

Photographs: Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the Czech Republic


  Opening of the exhibition „The World of the Mysterious Balts“               

Moravian Museum, Brno, 03.12.2013