Residence permits

09.02.2023. 11:57

A residence permit is a document providing a foreigner the rights to reside in the Republic of Latvia for a definite period of time (a temporary residence permit) or permanently (a permanent residence permit). A residence permit is necessary if you are willing to reside in the Republic of Latvia for a period of time exceeding 90 days within half a year counting from the first day of entrance

A residence permit is issued by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in Latvia (OCMA)

How to apply for a Residence Permit

Step 1 – Fill out/print/sign up the Application form for a residence permit

Download and fill out the Application for a residence permit. Upon completion of the application form, print the form and sign it. Application form must be filled out in BLOCK letters.

!!! Note: if the submitted application form is incomplete or contains false information your visa application may be denied.

Step 2 – Collect all required documentation

Carefully check that you have collected all required documentation. For the list of documents please refer to the homepage of the OCMA.

Note: the consular officer may request additional documents upon submission depending on each individual case.

Step 3 – Legalise documents

The official documents issued by Uzbekistan authorities are accepted with apostille. 

The documents issued by the authorities of other countries must be legalized.

When submitting copies of documents that are not certified by a notary, originals of such documents must be presented.

Document legalisation requires several steps:

  1. Translation into English, Russian or Latvian
  2. Legalisation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

More information on the webpage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Step 4 - Submit the application and the fee at the Embassy in person

Documents can be submitted at the strict appointment times ONLY.

Appointments can be arranged only by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please find the pricelist for the residence permit processing on the webpage of the OCMA.

Consular fee for document submission at the Embassy is differentiated - in the case of family unification and for full time students it is 80€, for other categories 110€.

The fees are payable in Euro currency only with international payment cards: VISA; VISA Electron; VPAY; MasterCard un Maestro. All fees are collected in Euros. Payment operations are liable to currency exchange fees and bank’s commission.

The fee is non-refundable. The Embassy is not responsible for costs that can be incurred if a residence permit is refused.

Note: Residence permit application processing time starts at the moment the application is received at the OCMA in Latvia, not from the moment the documents have been submitted at the Embassy.

Step 5 – Decision on granting the Residence permit

The decision on granting the residence permit is being taken by the OCMA within the chosen timeframe. The decision is being sent to your inviting party (if applicable) and the Embassy of Latvia.

Step 6 – Apply for a Long Stay visa for travel to Latvia

If the decision is positive one has to apply for a Long Stay visa (D type) with the validity of 30 days in order to travel to Latvia and obtain the residence permit card.

Note: Embassy is not providing any translation services!

Required documents for the Long Stay visa (D type)

1. Passport

Passport with a period of validity extending at least three months after the intended date of departure, containing at least two blank pages, and issued within the previous ten years.

2. Visa application form

Long stay visa application form printed and signed by the applicant. The form is available online.

3. Two colour photos

A photo (size 35mm x 45 mm) must be taken in last 6 month and it should be on white background.

4. Travel medical insurance policy

Travel medical insurance valid for 30 days. The minimum coverage of 42 600 EUR including the costs of urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment in case of an illness as well as repatriation in the event of death. Medical insurance policy can be obtained in applicant’s country of residence, or in any other country, or taken out by the inviting person. It is important that the insurance meets all the above requirements.

5. Visa fee 60 EUR

Payable in cash in Euro currency.

5. OCMA decision

A copy of the decision by OCMA on granting the residence permit.

The visa processing time is 3-5 working days.

If you are picking up other passport than yours please submit the letter of authorisation together with your ID.

Step 7 – Obtain the residence permit

After arrival to the Republic of Latvia make an appointment and visit the OCMA in order to obtain the residence permit. For additional information please refer to the homepage of OCMA.

OCMA contact details:


Telephone: + 371 67219644 Fax: + 371 67219654

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: Čiekurkalna 1. līnija 1, k-3, LV-1026