Nepalese nationals

15.12.2022. 07:43

According to the Territorial Competence, Nepalese nationals are subjected to apply for a Long Stay visa with the Embassy of Latvia in India.

According to the Immigration Law of Latvia, students from the third countries (except nationals of these countries) who are enrolled into education institutions accredited in Latvia can apply for the long stay visa at the diplomatic and consular representations of Latvia in the third countries. After receiving a long stay visa (valid for 90 days), upon entering Latvia, students are subjected to apply for a residence permit at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia (OCMA).

Long stay visa submission procedure

1.      Contact the VFS Global India call centre at +91-22-67866025 to get appointment for the visa application submission.

2.      Submit visa application at the nearest VFS Global Latvia Visa application centre across India.

3.      Go through video/ in-person interview at the VFS Global Latvia Visa application centre with the Embassy of Latvia in India. The date and time slot of the interview will be allocated by the VFS Global Latvia Visa application centres when submitting the visa application.

NOTE! Interview is mandatory for all the long term visa applicants applying with study purpose. Embassy might make an exemption during procession of the application based on the internal regulations. You will be informed separately if you are exempted from the interview.

More information on the working hours and support can be found on the VFS Global India webpage.

Required documents for the Long Stay visa

1.       Passport

Passport with a period of validity extending at least three months after the intended date of departure from Latvia or other Member State, and containing at least two blank pages. Copies of the identification pages and the pages that contain information about previously issued visas.

2.        Long stay visa e-application form printed and signed by the applicant. The form is available online ( – visa type: NATIONAL VISA (TYPE D).

3.       One photo

(Size 35mm x 45 mm) must be taken in last 6 months and it should be with white background.

4.       Invitation approved by the OCMA

An invitation by applicant’s education facility in Latvia that is approved by the OCMA has to be submitted. The invitation should be dated not later than 6 months prior to the application date.

5.       Study agreement

A copy of a signed study agreement has to be submitted along with the documents.

6.       Proof of accommodation

A copy of a proof of your intended residence in Latvia has to be submitted along with the documents.

7.       Proof of sufficient financial means

Original private bank account statement showing the movements during the last three months with balance confirmation letter from the bank duly stamped and signed by the bank. In case university provides the service of issuing a statement on the availability of the necessary financial means in the university account, original of the statement dully signed and stamped by the university has to be submitted.

8.       Proof of sponsorship

In case you are sponsored by a family/relative, a notarised declaration of sponsorship to be submitted. Proof of professional status of the sponsor – contract of employment, payslips for the last 3 months; self-employed – certificate of registration of the Company, company’s bank statements for the last three months dully signed and stamped by the bank.

9.       Proof of the previous education

Originals presented and copies of your prior education diplomas and mark sheets have to be submitted.

10.       Ticket reservation

An air ticket reservation stating the intended entry to Schengen area must be submitted. Please note that the Embassy is not responsible for purchased tickets in case of the visa refusal.

11.       Travel medical insurance

Travel insurance to be valid for the whole Schengen area and covering the entire period of the intended visit (90 days). The minimum coverage of 42,600 EUR including the costs of urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment in case of an illness as well as medical transportation and repatriation in the event of death. Medical insurance policy can be obtained in applicant’s country of residence, or in any other country, or taken out by the inviting person. It is important that the insurance meets all the above requirements.

12.       Visa fee of 60 EUR

A full list of the categories of persons exempted from payment of the state fee is available in the Paragraph 11 of the 12.09.2017. Regulations Regarding the State Fee for Examination of the Documents Necessary for Requesting a Visa, Residence Permit or the Status of a Long-term Resident of the European Union in the Republic of Latvia and the Services Related Thereto.

According to the Immigration Law of Latvia, the visa processing time is 15 days after submission of all the stipulated documents. The documents are considered to be submitted when received at the Embassy from the VFS Global. If additional information or inspection is necessary for the issue of a long-stay visa, the decision shall be taken within 60 days.

VFS Global India applies service charges as well as fee for the video conferencing.

VFS Service charge: Applicants applying at the Latvian Visa Application Centres in India shall be levied a service charge of  2126 INR (inclusive of Goods and Service Tax –SGST @9% and CGST@9%) payable in cash or by debit/credit card.

Video Conferencing is 2756 INR


·         The applicable visa fee in Indian Rupees is as per the current exchange rate. The same is subject to change without notice.

·         The Visa fee and service charges are non-refundable in case the visa is refused.