From 11 to 25 February only essential travel to Latvia permitted, passenger travel between Latvia and the UK, Ireland, Portugal suspended

05.02.2021. 12:36

On 5 February, the Government of Latvia extended the state of emergency in Latvia until 6 April and decided upon measures to curtail the spread of Covid-19.

Passenger travel between Latvia and the United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal will be suspended between 11 February until 25 February, 2021 in order to limit the spread of the new strains of Covid-19.

Non-essential travel will not be permitted. Only essential travel to Latvia will be possible in cases of work, studies, family reunion, medical treatment, transit, to accompany a minor, to return to one's place of residence or to attend a funeral. Travelers will have to present documents proving essential travel.

Existing requirements will remain in place: a negative Covid-19 (PCR) test result not older than 72 h before departure, registration with and 10 day self-isolation immediately after arrival in Latvia.