Balts’ Unity Day 2021 in Ottawa

23.09.2021. 17:14

In 2000, the Latvian Saeima (Parliament of Latvia) and the Lithuanian Seimas (Parliament of Lithuania) designated the 22nd September as the Day of Balts Unity.

This year, at the gathering on 22nd September at 5 pm on Parliament Hill next to the Canadian Confederation's Centenary Flame, Latvians and Lithuanians were joined by friends from Canada, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, and more. All expressed their respect, support and solidarity for all those who fight for freedom and stand firm for democracy, near and far.

Ambassador Kārlis Eihenbaums stressed that our ancestors' desire for freedom, common co-operation, and every heroism forged our victory over the Livonian sword brothers in the historic Battle of the Sun (Saule) on the 22nd September 1236. Even today, this is a day when to think about co-operation, honesty and courage.

The idea to bring people together came from Ināra Eihenbauma, and the tradition in Canada was launched in September 2016, as an initiative by the Embassy of Latvia in Canada, also inviting Latvia’s other close neighbour: the Estonians. Every year since, Latvian and Lithuanian embassies organise events in Ottawa at the Citadel of Canadian Democracy, on the hill of the Canadian Parliament, expressing our unity, mutual support and solidarity. Participants are invited to bring small national flags.