Latest album by post-folk group ILGI places 2nd in World Music Charts

02.12.2014. 19:09

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"Ne uz vienu dienu" ("Not for Just One Day"), the latest album by ILGI, has placed second in the July 2006 edition of World Music Charts Europe. (

The album was released in March by the Riga-based UPE Recording Company. Appearing on the chart is one of the greatest acknowledgements from international professionals that Latvian musicians in this area of music have received so far.

The list also includes albums by such well-known world music performers as the British-Egyptian singer Natacha Atlas and Cape Verdean performer Cesaria Evora.

The following is a description of the music of "Not for Just One Day", taken from the World Music Charts - Europe:

Developing their favorite themes of ancient Latvian mythology and traditional way of life, Ilgi here deliver a lush rendition of traditional Latvian wedding songs. From the dramatically strummed guitars and mandolins, the rich harmonies and evocative violins, it’s clear that they expect this marriage, at least, to last for ever (the title translates as ‘Not For One Day’). An unexpected twist to Latvian folk music is added by Ugandan-born Samite, who guests on thumb piano on ‘One Sun, One Earth’. Restrained and yet refreshing.