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Second book on Latvia-U.S. Relations: „A New Chapter in the Partnership”    

A second book on Latvia-U.S. relations "Latvia and the United States: A New Chapter in the Partnership" was presented at CSIS on April 23, 2013. It is a follow-up to the 2008 book "Latvia and the USA: From Captive Nation to Strategic Partner."
This Centre for East Policy Studies (CEEPS) publication is a major collaborative effort between Latvian and American foreign policy researchers and experts. The authors of the papers include analyst and columnist Paul Goble, executive vice president of Atlantic Council Damon Wilson, as well as Latvian experts.
The project was implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia and the U.S. Embassy in Riga and with the support of the Rietumu Banka Charity Fund, the American Latvian Association and the Free Port of Riga.
The collection of "Latvia and the United States: A New Chapter in the Partnership" papers (in English) edited by Ivars Indāns is available here.

"From Flames to Freedom" by Rita Skaidrite Sparks
This World War II memoir, (published 2012-13) based on a Latvian girl’s diaries, recounts experiences from a sunny childhood in Latvia to being catapulted into the turmoil of the Soviet and Nazi occupations. The author is an eyewitness as people are deported in cattle cars to Siberia and Jewish children are marched to their graves by Hitler’s SS men.

"How Latvia Came through the Financial Crisis" by Anders Åslund and Valdis Dombrovskis
May 2011, Peterson Institute for International Economics. Latvia stands out as the East European country hardest hit by the global financial crisis; it was also the most overheated economy before the crisis. But in the second half of 2010, Latvia returned to economic growth. How did this happen so quickly? Current Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis and renowned author Anders Åslund discuss why the Latvian economy became so overheated; why an IMF and European Union stabilization program was needed; what the Latvian government did to resolve the financial crisis and why it made these choices.

CSIS Report: The Northern Distribution Network and Afghanistan
This Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) report (Jan. 2010) The Northern Distribution Network and Afghanistan examines the development of new northern supply routes into Afghanistan, including Latvia's contribution to the Northern Distribution Network.

A Stolen Childhood: Five Winters in Siberia
This book by Ilmars Salts, translated from Latvian by Gunna Dickson, is a true story of 3 siblings who were deported from Latvia to Siberia in 1941

Book on Latvia - US relations
In December 2008 a book "Latvia and the USA: From Captive Nation to Strategic Partner" (edited by Daunis Auers) was published.

Book launch: "Latvia and the USA" to take place at German Marshall Fund
Book launch for "Latvia and the USA: From Captive Nation to Strategic Partner" took place at the German Marshall Fund in Washington on December 9, 2008.

Author Jukka Rislakki to speak at Embassy on October 23
On October 23 at the Embassy of Latvia Finnish author Jukka Rislakki will discuss his latest book: "The Case for Latvia."

Latvian bulb expert Janis Ruksans publishes book "Buried Treasures"
Timber Press has published a book by Janis Ruksans. One of the reviews states that "Ruksans' saga informs, intrigues, and charms the reader with his devotion and passion for these jewels of the underground."

"The Latvian Saga" by Uldis Germanis
This new translation is the first English-language history to tell the full story of the Latvian people in a way all can understand. Published in November 2007.

Rev. Juris Rubenis to speak at Embassy of Latvia
Lecture by Juris Rubenis "A Right To Be Here: Reflections on Imperfection" to be held November 16.

Reverend Juris Rubenis to appear at Barnes and Noble in Baltimore on November 17
Juris Rubenis to promote his book Finding God in a Tangled World at Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Baltimore on November 17.

"Finding God in a Tangled World" by Juris Rubenis
Barnes & Noble has selected this book for a special promotion in their stores from October 15 to November 15, 2007. Juris Rubenis will be appearing at Barnes and Noble in Baltimore on November 17, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.

Movie "The Singing Revolution"
"The Singing Revolution" - A Film about Estonia by James and Maureen Tusty

"Experiencing Totalitarianism" by Andrejs Plakans
Latvia Under Totalitarian Rule 1939-1991: Author Details Historical Events and Political Movements in New Book