Latvian bulb expert Janis Ruksans publishes book "Buried Treasures"

02.12.2014. 19:09

Timber Press has published a monograph by bulb expert Janis Ruksans of Latvia, entitled "Buried Treasures, Finding and Growing the World's Choicest Bulbs." The author states that he spent every day for four months writing this book.

Timber Press has written the following on the book: "Take a few chapters from a John le Carré spy thriller, add a hefty dose of exotic travelogue, blend with one of the best books on bulb growing ever written, and you've got Buried Treasures. For decades, Rukšāns has been scouring remote and dangerous regions of Europe and Asia to bring back the botanical treasures that he offers through his nursery, often contending with corrupt government agents, armed rebels, drunken drivers, and even (before the fall of the Soviet Union) the KGB. Packed with accounts of his extensive travels, Buried Treasures also offers an abundance of trustworthy information about the care and cultivation of every major and minor genus of bulb-forming plant."

About the author: Jānis Rukšāns has been growing bulbs since age twelve and since 1991 has operated his own bulb nursery in his native Latvia, specializing in rare and unusual bulbs. He has taken part in several expeditions searching for new bulbs throughout Europe and Central Asia.

For more information on this publication, please see the publisher's website.