Changes regarding entry into Latvia for individuals who have been vaccinated or who have recovered from Covid-19

16.06.2021. 23:56

On June 16, 2021 changes went into effect regarding entry requirements into Latvia, in accordance with amendments to Cabinet Regulation No 360 “Epidemiological safety measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection”. These amendments facilitate entry for those individuals who have been vaccinated with a European Medicines Agency or equivalent similar regulator or World Health Organization recognized vaccine, as well as for those individuals who have recovered from Covid-19 and are able to provide clear and credible proof of this.

Please see information regarding these changes here .

It must be noted that the fact of vaccination, testing and recovery from Covid-19 can only be verified by an interoperable digital European Union certificate (either in an electronic smart device or printed out on paper) or a vaccination certificate issued in the European Union, the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, Switzerland or the United Kingdom.  A recovery certificate is valid for 11 to 180 days from the start of the illness.  If the individual is not able to present such a certificate, they must follow all requirements that apply to non-vaccinated persons or persons who have not recovered from the disease.

EU, EEA countries, Switzerland and the United Kingdom as well as third countries (such as the United States) are divided into low risk, high risk and very high risk countries.  It’s possible to determine which risk group each country belongs to by going to the website of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia.

Prior to entry into Latvia it is still a requirement to present a QR code regarding the completed form.