Joint statement by Foreign ministers of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine

15.04.2021. 15:45

In the light of ongoing Russian escalation and build-up of military forces around Ukraine borders, we, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine,

Taking into consideration our close bonds of friendship, partnership and cooperation which have been developing between our States,

Wishing to provide stability and security in the Euro-Atlantic space,

Realizing the threats posed by the aggressive policy of the Russian Federation for the entire European continent:

Have stated the following:

We express our unwavering support to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders,

We also support its European and Euro-Atlantic membership aspirations, including as it was stated in the NATO Bucharest summit declaration, and encourage Ukraine to continue necessary reforms in this respect. 

We deplore the ongoing Russian build-up and concentration of military forces in close proximity to the Ukrainian borders, and in the occupied and illegally annexed Crimean peninsula.

We call upon Russia to cease its provocations as well as to dispel all concerns by being fully transparent in accordance to the risk reduction mechanism under Vienna document and uphold OSCE principles and commitments.

We commend Ukraine for its steadfast commitment to the political solution of the conflict

We are committed to foster and intensify our bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the sphere of security and defence, exchange of information, fighting aggressive propaganda and disinformation, hybrid threats and coordinate efforts to address common challenges in the field of energy security.


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