Latvia confirms its unwavering support for the European integration of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

17.06.2021. 14:56

On 17 June 2021, the Under Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Political Director Jānis Mažeiks, met with the Ambassador of Ukraine, Olexandr Mischenko; the Ambassador of Georgia, Tea Maisuradze; and the Ambassador of Moldova, Andrian Roşa.

The Ambassadors informed the Political Director about the Memorandum of Understanding on establishing the “Association Trio” signed by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova this past 17 May. In the Memorandum, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova reaffirm their commitment to upholding reforms in accordance with the Association Agreements and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area agreements signed with the European Union (EU), which would promote closer cooperation and integration with the EU. The Ambassadors noted that the Memorandum envisages measures of cooperation and coordination between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs on the matters of European integration and the Eastern Partnership.

Jānis Mažeiks confirmed that Latvia consistently supports the European integration aspiration of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. The “Association Trio” Memorandum is regarded as a clear signal of their commitment to moving closer to the EU. Increased cooperation between the countries is important for reaching better results in the reform process thereby facilitating deeper cooperation with the EU and the resilience of partner countries. The Political Director pointed out that Latvia, making use of development cooperation policy instruments, will continue providing assistance to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova through sharing its experience and expertise.


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