Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: a year since the Russian Federation’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine

24.02.2023. 09:11
Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: a year since the Russian Federation’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine

24 February 2023 marks a year since the armed forces of the Russian Federation launched a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. Latvia condemns in the strongest terms the Russian Federation’s unprovoked and unjustified war against Ukraine, as well as demanding that Russia immediately cease its military aggression and unconditionally withdraw its forces from the internationally recognised territory of Ukraine. 

The Russian Federation, by invading the land of Ukraine, by assaulting the people of Ukraine and Ukrainian independence, is waging an aggressive war driven by its imperialist goals in a gross violation of international law, including the United Nations Charter. Full responsibility for the war and its consequences lies solely on Russia’s shoulders.   

Ukraine, as any independent country the world over, has the right to freely choose its future and it has the right to defend its independence, territorial integrity and its people.

The Ukrainian people have demonstrated outstanding bravery and self-sacrifice as they fight for their freedom and independence, while Russia has not managed to achieve its goals. Unfortunately, the war is not over. Unable to defeat the Ukrainian armed forces, Russia is stepping up its campaign of terror against Ukrainian civilians.

Ukraine’s supporters, both in Latvia and across the globe, must continue providing political, humanitarian, financial, economic and military support for Ukraine. In solidarity with the Ukrainian people, Latvia will support Ukraine for as long as it takes.

We shall continue exerting political and economic pressure on Russia, including through approval of sanctions to limit Russia’s ability to conduct this illegal war against Ukraine. Those responsible for the crimes of aggression perpetrated by Russia against Ukraine and the brutal war crimes and atrocities of Russia’s armed forces against Ukrainian civilians and soldiers should face prosecution. Russia, as the aggressor and all those complicit must be held fully accountable for the crimes committed and destruction wrought on Ukraine.

Ukraine and its people have chosen European values and a Euro-Atlantic future. Alongside with other partners, Latvia will provide the broadest possible support for that chosen course. Ukraine and the European Union are one family. Ukraine will win, reinvent and renew itself!

Glory to Ukraine!